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First Ultrasounds!

Tabby had her first ultrasounds today and the baby is healthy! The "Jellybean," as Tabby puts it, is a lil' over an inch long. Due date has been moved to October 15th (at this rate it'll be born on Halloween and my dad has threaten to nickname the child "Pumpkin Head"). As soon as I can get them scanned and on a server, the ultrasound pictures will be posted here. ^_^ As it stands, it has a head, arm and leg buds (no hands and feet yet) and the tail is still there. It does have a heartbeat (162 bpm, YEAHHHHHHH!!) and is still living off the yolk sac. The info we've been given states that in the next couple weeks or so, the placenta should be developed enough for the baby to lose the yolk sac, I think. I'm also coming down with a bad cold (weee) so my memory isn't 100% right now.

I'm just a happy father to be.
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