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our lives right now

The boys are growing up so fast, it is unreal. It is hard to believe that Aidan will be 5 next month and Liam will be 3 a week later.

On May 24th, I found out that I was pregnant again. We were so excited. When we went in for the 1st u/s on June 17th, we found out that all was not well. Even though I was almost 9 weeks along, the baby only measured 6 weeks w/ no heartbeat or movement detected. I had a D&C on June 19th. On June 26th, I woke up and had a seizure. After a morning in the ER, I went back to the ob's for another u/s b/c I had been bleeding since the Sat before. They found a big bloodclot and more implantation tissue, so I went back to the hospital for a 2nd D&C that day. I had another seizure on Aug 17th. I am now on meds and unable to drive.

The day I went back to work in July is the same day that Chris lost his job. We are hoping that something pans out really really soon.

The boys have their ABC's down and most of the numbers 1-10 and some beyond. We are hoping to get Aidan in to one of the charter schools next year. I don't like that the public schools change every year. If we can get into East Wake Academy or Franklin Academy( both use a lottery system for admission), then it will be K-12, so no changing schools. ::cross fingers::

Wish us luck... we need all the prayers and well wishes we can get.
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